Growing up in a small Alberta city allowed my imagination to run free and my dreams to grow big. I moved to Calgary to learn from the big dogs in design at the Alberta College of Art & Design (ACAD), where I graduated with a Bachelor of Design in 2012. After endless all-nighters, group projects, and 2 AM printer runs, I immediately landed my first full-time design position with a local branding agency

Having been fortunate enough to work at a small agency where projects were my own, I am well-versed with all stages of a project; being actively involved from the beginning with concept development, planning, wireframes and execution, and finishing with print management and proofing.

With the growing need and changing focus towards a digital world, my focus in the recent year has been on web projects, including responsive websites, customizing WordPress (like the site you are on now), and splash pages. Working with a web mentor, my digital skills have been nurtured along giving me the confidence to explore options within the digital realm. I’m happy to say that I can think big and make those ideas come to life.